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My Secret Lead Generation Scheme

The question I get the most as a marketer is “Jerry, what leads should I generate? What leads are the best?” 

This is an extremely loaded question with enough variations to make your head spin. Not to mention my “lack” of experience on other platforms outside of Facebook makes my option biased… But it still begs the question - What should you do?

I have contemplated this question for quite some time and I think that I have come to the conclusion on what I would do if I were an agent. Assuming this would probably be the most concise, direct, first person stance I could give, I thought it would be something cool to share.

So, here is my best attempt to be unbiased and unfiltered on how I would systematically approach my leads if I were an agent. 

First off, I think I need to preface a few beliefs I would be going into this position with to help you better understand my actions

1-I would be building this for long term

2-When I am working, I typically work long hours with the goal of it paying off down the road. So if you ask how I would have time… the answer is I would work more

Ok, let's get started. 

I would break down my lead generation systems into a few different categories

1- Immediate Leads - Fast Cash

2- Building out 6-12 month Assets - Bigger Cash

3- Backend work for the longer 3-5 year goals - Easy and Big Cash when the work pays off

Going for the immediate leads would be pretty simple. I would elect to go with the telesales model and advertise statewide lead generation campaigns on facebook. I know that these leads can come in pretty cheap and generate some fast ROI up front. 

IF I had the cash to hire an assistant dialer to live transfer calls I would. BUT since I have no experience with that AT ALL, I could also elect to invest pretty heavily into software. The great thing about software is that once you build out the system, you never have to do the work again. 

You would want to build out a wide variety of opening SMS messages and SMS chains to split test to determine best open rates and what sequences received the best sales close rates. I would also do voicemail drops and emails but wouldn’t expect minimal results from this. Minimal is always better than none, especially if it comes from no extra work aka automations.  

Stats and data are king in this world. I would probably spend more time than any agent is currently spending tracking customer conversions all through the customer experience. Meaning, when I would make a sales I want to know what ad they came from, where they were located, demographics, email/ sms sequences ect.  

These stats would give very little benefit the first few months but after 10K in Ad Spend you would be able to see some pretty amazing things. 

It may not seem like a lot, but what would it do to your business if you were able to close 1% more of your prospects. 

Let's say you're generating 100 Leads a week X 50 Weeks = 5000 Leads a year

1% = 50 Deals a year

2% = 100 Deals a year

1 Percentage point is a BIG DEAL! This is where the extra work would pay off in a big way. 

My secondary order of “instant leads” would be to use chatbots to create highly filtered leads. This, as with the other filtration method would require quite a bit of testing if I didn’t know what was working. Ideally the Lead Generation Leads would fund this exploration period or I could find a solution that is already working. 

My interest with these leads would be to speak with those individuals who were only ready to buy. My “filtered” lead flow would be slower BUT the goal with these leads would be to become an order taker. 

Building the 6-12 month assets

The goal for building out items for the 6-12 month range would be to continue to refine the process, optimize systems (sms, chatbots, email ect) and COLLECT DATA. I'm not precisely sure what my system would be for this data collection but a piece of advice would be it has to be VERY clean or it will not be usable for big decision making. 

The additional asset that I would be building up would be a website. The reason this is not the beginning of the process is because good websites are HARD. Not impossible but hard. 

Creating a brand that would last would be a must (if we are playing the long game). I would not choose anything to do with my name because I don't want the brand to rely on me. I believe sticking with the big picture would be the best route to go. 

Ideally at this stage I will have some money to invest into a User Experience web developer. A user experience expert designs where buttons, call to action and text are placed. All of these items are intentionally placed to guide through the experience YOU want to convey. I really don’t care if it looks pretty, I want the users to convert into leads from my site. Please note that very BIG distinction. Being pretty doesn't always mean good. 

If everything was going to plan I would try and replicate myself with other agents, building a small team. I would choose to go with small human growth at first to control quality as best as possible…

Quickly, I want to divert for just a quick moment because I can feel some agents on the other side saying “who does this guy think he is!?” “he talks like it would be so easy!” 

Please take this article for what it is and not for what it is not. This is a look inside the brain of how a marketer would do it NOT a perfected playbook for an insurance agent. My goal is it will inspire you all on some new insights. I am not an insurance agent and have never sold insurance… but I have owned a few businesses and have a decent marketing track record. 

Ok, now that we are clear, here is where we are at after 6ish months 

-Producing leads at volume from facebook lead gen campaigns. We have a heavy system of tested automation filtering through these leads and increasing our pickups. 

-We have chatbots that are heavily tested producing high quality leads that are converting at extremely high rates.

-A website has been built and designed by a User Experience expert for conversion

-5-10 Variations of the website have been built for testing.

Now, our goal is to find the top converting website.

First step is first, we need to properly place all the tracking codes into the site (facebook pixel, google analytics) so we can analyze our users and track their experience. 

Next step would be on the path to finding the best converting site. This is pretty simple with the data we have already collected. We should already know what our top performing facebook ads are, take those ads and push traffic evenly into the different page variations. 

Let's say that we have 5-6 website variations. I would guess after $500 Ad Spend per site you would find the top 2 performers. This is where I would then focus my attention and optimization on to find a high converting site. 

As traffic continued to view my website I would retarget users who visited my site but did not submit their information with facebook lead gen/ messenger campaigns. You can be sure that this audience will convert at a high rate because the users have read the information on the site and have some interest.  

All this retargeting of audiences can be done dynamically through the use of the facebook pixel. Meaning once this retargeting system is set up you will not need to touch it because all the information will continue to update in real time. It’s pretty awesome. 

Once I have found my winning website it will be time to scale budget across all lead sources and build out the team. 

I would then invest into the site by having an SEO specialist go through and optimize everything. I would need to go through a crash course for SEO and begin building that out for my site. I know little to nothing about SEO but my initial thoughts would be to find a niche market or two that I could rank with…. This would be the long term asset that would be built out. The best solution to this would be to outsource as much as possible (if possible). 

Through all of this I would stay diligent in collecting analytics on all steps of the sales process and always be looking to improve small steps of the process. 

So there it is, that is how I would plan to take my business as an insurance agent and grow. 

Big question remains… would it actually work? 

My first thought is absolutely but it would take a lot of effort, skill and flexibility. As with anything processes need to be updated with the newest resources available and let's face it, shit happened. There would be a lot of obstacles but there always is on your path to success. 

I would love to hear your thoughts inside our facebook community! It could be a great start for an interesting discussion. Feel free to share it with other agents who may be inspired by it. 


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